The FODOmat

24 Hour Beamline Development - Where Reality Is Only A Concept!

This is what happens if you let a theorist play with your accelerator's diagnostics...

Welcome to the FODOmat, The Sally Hemings Memorial FEL Facility's Beamline Design Shop. We specialize in world class beam transport systems, on short notice. Cost (to you) is no object.

Most of our effort addresses ERL-based FEL drivers ("free electron laser", not "foul electron linac"), but we will happily spend your money to do things on other kinds of machines (like CEBAF). Just send a charge code.

IR FEL Driver Design

4 GeV Recirculator

Many GeV Recirculator

X-Ray Coherent Light Source

The FEL Upgrade Project

A Driver Linac for a Neutrino Factory

Incoherent Ravings of a Deranged Nihilist

ERL 2009 talks

ERL Beam dynamics

Direct Injection


BBU video clip

CSR video clip

DIMAD lives here

a rather more capacious DIMAD lives here

Kevin Beard's tastefully redecorated DIMAD manual lives here

DIMAD demos are here

BIW 2010 talk

BIW2010 talk

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