CEBAF-TN-95-015: "Analytic Modeling and Lattice Scaling Relations for IR FEL Driver Accelerators"

CEBAF-TN-95-064: "Beam Bending Experiment Transport System"

CEBAF-TN-95-071: "Preliminary Specifications for IR FEL Driver Accelerator"

CEBAF-TN-95-078: "A Baseline Design for an IR FEL Driver Accelerator"

CEBAF-TN-96-018: "Effect of Multipoles in the IR Wiggler"

CEBAF-TN-96-026: "Engineering Specifications for IR FEL Transport System"

CEBAF-TN-96-031: "Design Considerations for the IR FEL Upgrade"

CEBAF-TN-96-035: "Error Estimates for the IR FEL Transport System"

CEBAF-TN-96-038: "Quadrupole Dynamic Range in the IR FEL Driver"

CEBAF-TN-96-039: "10 MeV Diagnostic Dump Transport Design"

CEBAF-TN-96-040: "Energy-Recovery Dump Transport Design"

CEBAF-TN-96-048: "Final (hopefully!) Energy Recovery Dump Transport Design"

CEBAF-TN-96-050: "IR FEL Driver Accelerator Design"

CEBAF-TN-96-055: "Simulation of Alignment and Powering Errors in the IR FEL Driver Beam Transport System"

CEBAF-TN-96-056: "Beam Transport to the `First Light' Dump"

CEBAF-TN-96-059: "Specifications for IR FEL Driver Dipole Strings"

JLAB-TN-96-066: "Comments On Driver Dipole Good Fields"

JLAB-TN-96-068: "Specification of the "Frozen" IR FEL Transport System"

JLAB-TN-97-012: "A Guide to the FEL Driver E-Beam Optics Design Web Site"

JLAB-TN-97-015: "FEL Driver Trim Magnet Field Specifications"

JLAB-TN-97-018: "Measurement of CSR-Driven Emittance Growth in the Jefferson Lab IR-FEL Driver"

JLAB-TN-97-034: "IR-FEL Driver Magnet Performance Integration Plan"

JLAB-TN-97-035: "End-Field Specifications for IR FEL Driver Dipoles"

JLAB-TN-97-037: "Steering the Electron Beam in the Vicinity of the Wiggler"

JLAB-TN-97-040: "Matching Solutions for Various Wiggler Operating Configurations"

JLAB-TN-97-047: "An Alternate Paradigm for High-Level Application Development"

You may view the sample application (if you are running Excel 97)

JLAB-TN-98-004: "Field Quality Specification for IR FEL Driver Sextupoles"

JLAB-TN-98-012: "Suppression and Enhancement of CSR-Driven Emittance Degradation in the IR-FEL Driver"

JLAB-TN-98-025: "Lattice Issues Affecting Longitudinal Phase Space Management During Energy Recovery, Or, `Why the FEL Needs Sextupoles'"

JLAB-TN-98-035: "How to Use Trim Quads to Modify Dispersion"

JLAB-TN-98-042: "Effect of Misaligning Driver Trim Quads and Sextupoles"

JLAB-TN-99-002: "Modeling of Longitudinal Phase Space Dynamics In Energy-Recovering FEL Drivers"

JLAB-TN-99-007: "Beam Transport Issues in the Fall/Winter 1998 FEL Run"

JLAB-TN-99-008: "Beam Transport Issues in the Winter/Spring 1999 FEL Run"

JLAB-TN-00-025: "Multi-Monitor Emittance Measurement in the IR Demo Driver"

JLAB-TN-01-043: "Three-Pass Operation of the IR Demo Driver"

JLAB-TN-01-048: "Simultaneous Bunch Length and Energy Spread Compression During Recirculation of Multiple Passes in the IR Demo"