Setting up ROOT and CERN libs

   The program zana is a quick and simple way to get started with ROOT. It is especially nice for people migrating from the PAW loop style of analysis. It still uses
 the paw nt 10 formate. Instead of using the PAW nt/uwfunc 10 to set the variable stucture one can use roots MakeClass.
 but first change all your PAW hbooks to root files with h2root. The h2root exicutable should be available through any $ROOTSYS/bin.

  h2root Example

  Then in root you can load the file nt10.root and check the name of the TTree you will be using

   Load File

  so the tree name is h10.

  Then create the class with all the nt10 structure

   Make Class


#include "YourClass.C"

in your analysis code.

 In the zana.c example the class is called g11var.C, next try the START HERE directory and checkout the example zana code.

 Remember to start with 0 in ROOT (C,C++) index not 1 as in PAW (fortran).

 Once zana.c is setup the way you like make the exicutable


 then run the exicutable


 make sure the script is getting the files it needs from the right directory.


  Linking Other Libraries

  Zana TTree

  Zana Merge

  More Examples
 All Classes Variables