Dr. Fatiha Benmokhtar
   Office 306 Fisher Hall,
   Duquesne University,
   600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
   Phone: 412-396-6353



Physics Interests:

  • -Parity Violation: - Research based around the Strange Quark contribution to the Nucleon Electro-Magnetic properties using Parity Violation experiment Gzero at Jlab. Results are published and complete flavor separation to the lightest three quarks is done. Now, writing the PRC.

  • -SIDIS: Still related to the strange sea quarks, but this time via Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering (SIDIS) of electrons off polarized deuteron or proton targets. Hadron production in DIS is described by the absorption of a virtual photon by a point-like quark followed by the fragmentation of this quark into hadronic final states. The first process is characterized by the quark distribution functions and the second process is characterized by fragmentation functions. Measuring multiplicities for several hadron species (pions and kaons) allows the control of the fragmentation functions used in the extraction of the individual quark and antiquark contributions to the nucleon spin.

  • -Few Body Short Range Correlations: PhD. thesis related work on Helium-3 Nucleus. In 2011 I ran my experiment on Helium-4, data analysis is underway.

    My full list of publications can be found here!

    Teaching Experience:

    Spring 2013:
  • PHYS482 Particle Physics
  • PHYS320 Theoretical Methods in the Physical Sciences

    Fall 2012:
  • PHYS401 Thermal Physics
  • PHYS200 Essential Physics for Pharmacy Students

  • Independent studies: Physics of Power Plants
  • Independent studies: Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • General Physics I for Scientists and Engineers
  • General Physics II for Scientists and Engineers
  • Physics Labs: Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Waves
  • Mentoring PhD, Masters and Undergraduate students in research

    Experimental Proposals:

  • Accepted 12 GeV Proposal PR-09-007: "Studies of Partonic Distributions using Semi-Inclusive production of Kaons "  

  • Accepted 6 GeV Proposal on 4He(e,e'p), continuity of (e,e'p) experiments  

    Hardware and Software Projects:

  • Development of Gas Electron Multipliers for Clas12 RICH detector.
  • Design of the Hall A SuperBigBite Hadron Calorimeter ( My latest Tech Report )
  • Development of the photon detector and electronics for the Hall A Compton Polarimeter.
  • Full Data Acquisition build-up and readout and electronics chain for the G0Backward angle experiment.
  • DVCS calorimeter PbF detectors mounting and test.
  • Development of a Pointing method for the HallA Spectrometers.
  • Calibration of the POLDER Polarimeter for t20 Experiment in Hall C.  

    The G0 Program:

  • "Strange Quark Contribution to the Electromagnetic Properties of the Nucleon"
  • "Measurement of the Parity Violating Asymmetry in the N->Delta Transition"
  • "Weak interaction contribution to pion photoproduction"
  • "Transverse beam polarization: 2 gamma contribution to elastic scattering"

  • Data Acquisition for G0backward Angle.
  • My PhD. Experiment: "Study of 3He(e.e'p)pn reaction up to high missing energies and momenta. N-N Correlations"
    Cross section, Spectral Function, Asymmetries and Response Function Measurements.
  • Thesis related work   (download the thesis: ps format or pdf format )
  • DeltaS: Strange sea contribution to the Nucleon spin   
  • t20 Experiment.    "Measurment of the Deuteron Tensor Polarization"
  • Old talks   

    Links of interest

  • Particle Data Group
  • Symmetry Magazine
  • Forum of International Physics
  • American Physical Society <
  • The American Institute of Physics
  • Physics Today

    Some personal stuff:

    Language translator

    Pictures: Alger, Kabylie,...