Mini-workshop on the Charm Program at JLab, April 2000

General Information


One of the new fields to study at JLab upgraded to 12 GeV is charm production. An interest to this field was expressed on several meetings and workshops at JLab. It is expected that a relevant program for charm studies should be included in the 12 GeV upgrade program. Such a program should be prepared by June,2000.

The charm program has been discussed during the 12GeV Workshop in January 2000. There, it was argeed that a draft of the proposal should be prepared by the working group by April. At least the main physics goals should be formulated and the experimental program should be elaborated to a level sufficient to be included in the proposal. The main goal of the mini-workshop planned for April,3 is to discuss this draft and new ideas, should they arrive.

Agenda for April,3


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