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Jlab Experiment E01-006: Resonances Spin Structure (RSS)

The experiment was run at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility




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Oscar Rondon (University of Virginia)
Mark Jones (Jefferson Lab)
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  1. After pass2a looked at the drift distance plots and realized that they were bad. The parameter files for the drift time-to-distance maps had changed from pass1.  Changes to drift maps.
  2. Put new hdriftmap.param_rss and hdc.param_rss in the /group/e01006/rss_replay/PARAM.
  3. Mark as junk the following runs 43409-10 ( dipole set wrong), 43342 ( Q3 tripped at end of run), 43307 ( part of calorimeter HV off).
  4. Modifed /group/e01006/rss_replay/Tests/trackeff.test to remove the cerenkov from the fideff tests. A cut on the calorimeter is included in the fideff test.
  5. In pass2a found that the elastic events peaked at W =938 MeV. MC showed that the elastic events peak at W=942 ( shift from 938 due to radiative tail). Sensitivity of W position to scattering angle is -7 MeV/mr, to scattered electron energy is -1.1 and to vertical beam position -.08%/mm . A change of -0.03 degrees to central angle will shift W peak 4 MeV, or change central momentum by -.08% or change vertical positions by 1mm.  Since change in angle is the smallest, decide to change hstheta from 13.15 to 13.12 in /group/e01006/rss_replay/DBASE/rss.kinematics .
  6. After introducing a phi dependence to the target field for the perpendicular orientation, to correct the W vs X' ( vertical angle) correlation, it was necessary to have a shift in the electron momentum by 0.42% to have the elastic W peak at 938 MeV. This offset is arbitrary, becuase it depends are how we introduce the correction to the W vs X' correlation. This shift was done in the ENGINE by setting central momentum , hpcentral_offset, to zero for perp target field. For parallel target field,  hpcentral_offset = -0.42% which has been determined by other experiment in Hall C. For the next pass decide to set shift by offsetting delta and leaving the hpcentral_offset = -0.42% for perp target field. To implement change: Commented out the parameter hdelta_offset in PARAM/gconstants.param.01 and moved hdelta_offset to DBASE/rss.database . For perp target field runs set hdelta_offset = +0.42%.
  7. Updated SRC_other/trg_track.f to use B_scale = 5.003/(5.003+abs(B_corr))  instead of B_scale = 5.003/(5.003+B_corr).
  8. Update INC/hms_data_structures.cmn and SRC_hms/h_ntuple_init.f , h_ntuple_keep.f  and h_physics.f to calculate kinematics variables needed for calculation of A1 and A2. See note.
  9.  SRC_hms/h_physics.f changed to use "targloss" for the energy loss of scattered electron and use "hseloss" for Ebeam -Escat. Before there was a bug and hseloss was used for both.

(jones) Sept-17-2002