CERNLIB on Debian

I maintain packages of CERNLIB, cfortran, and Mn_Fit, among other things, for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. CERNLIB is an ancient mass of mostly FORTRAN code still used in many physics research projects. Perhaps its most important feature is PAW, an interactive analysis tool. Cfortran is a header file used to permit C <-> FORTRAN interoperativity, while Mn_Fit is an interactive program similar to PAW. Unlike CERNLIB and Cfortran, Mn_Fit is still in active development.

Please note that I have no relationship with CERN whatsoever, other than my use and packaging of their software.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about CERNLIB on Debian, please read this page before emailing me. For my other Debian-related projects, look here.

Available Packages

This page provides an overview of the available Debian packages of CERNLIB. Since CERNLIB is very large, it has been broken up into its constituent libraries and programs so they may be installed individually.

Download Packages and Source Code

You can find out how to download compiled binary packages and source code of CERNLIB, cfortran and Mn_Fit, patched for inclusion in Debian, from this page.

Related Non-Free Software

Parts of CERNLIB could not be included in Debian because the license was not permissive enough, or missing entirely. This page explains how to obtain these missing pieces, as well as some other related software.

This page last modified July 4, 2006.