Analysis tools for N* studies at high Q2

N* studies at high photon virtualities. Physics objectives.
  • Theory Support for the Excited Baryon Program at the Jlab 12 GeV Upgrade

  • N*-GPD Meeting at Jefferson Lab, September 11 2009.
  • V. Mokeev (Jlab): The models for evaluation of γvNN* electrocouplings from the Nπ, Nππ electroproduction data and their extension for photon virtualities up to 12 GeV2

  • P. Kroll (Wuppertal U.): Status of partonic description of exclusive pion production

  • C. Weiss (JLab): Comments on finite-energy sum rules and duality in exclusive electroproduction processes

  • Nπ channels.
  • Electroexcitation of the Roper resonance for 1.7 < Q2 < 4.5 GeV2 in ep → enπ+. By CLAS Collaboration (I.G. Aznauryan et al.). JLAB-PHY-08-811, Apr 2008. 6pp.

  • Electroexcitation of the P33(1232), P11(1440), D13(1520), S11(1535) at Q2 = 0.4 and 0.65 (GeV/c)2. I.G. Aznauryan, (Yerevan Phys. Inst.) , V.D. Burkert, H. Egiyan, (Jefferson Lab) , K. Joo, (Connecticut U.) , R. Minehart, L.C. Smith, (Virginia U.)

  • Multipole amplitudes of pion photoproduction on nucleons up to 2-GeV within dispersion relations and unitary isobar model. I.G. Aznauryan, (Yerevan Phys. Inst.)
  • Nππ channels.
  • Model Analysis of the pπ+π- Electroproduction Reaction on the Proton. Viktor I. Mokeev, (Jefferson Lab & SINP, Moscow) , Volker D. Burkert, (Jefferson Lab), T-S. H Lee (ANL & EBAC), et al.
  • Electroproduction of pπ+π- off protons at 0.2 < Q2 < 0.6 GeV2 and 1.3 < W < 1.57 GeV with CLAS. By CLAS Collaboration (G.V. Fedotov, V.I.Mokeev, V.D.Burkert et al.). JLAB-PHY-08-871, Sep 2008. 25pp
  • Recent results on nucleon resonance electrocouplings from the studies of π+π-p electroproduction with the CLAS detector. V.I. Mokeev, V.D. Burkert, L. Elouadrhiri, G.V. Fedotov, E.N. Golovach, B.S. Ishkhanov, JLAB-PHY-09-1013, Jun 2009. 7pp.
  • A Phenomenological description of π- Δ++ photoproduction and electroproduction in nucleon resonance region: M. Ripani, V. Mokeev et al.