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George R. Neil

Associate Director,
Jefferson Lab








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His primary responsibility is to serve as Associate Director of Jefferson Laboratory and operate the Free Electron Laser systems and to support the user operation of the facility for basic and applied research. Prior to this assignment he served as Linac Department Manager at CEBAF where he had responsibility for designing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining the linear accelerator systems including injectors, RF systems, and cryogenics. This effort included technical, personnel, and budgetary responsibility comprising more than 20% of the national laboratory's construction of budget $500M. The system established a reputation within DOE for meeting or exceeding all technical requirements while staying on schedule and within budget. The RF systems includes over 340 high power RF sources each with microprocessor control. The Cryogenic system includes the worlds largest 2K helium refrigerator. Prior to coming to CEBAF in 1970 he was employed from 1977 to 1990 by TRW, Defense and Space Systems Group. In his final position there he was Chief Scientist on the Induction Free Electron Laser Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Senior Scientist on staff of the Optics and Directed Energy Laboratory.


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