About Me:

  • Pappalardo Fellow at the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • Member of the Hadronic Physics Group.
  • Office:26-445
    Phone: +1 617 2580541
    Email: hen (at) mit.edu

    (main) Reaserch interests:

  • Experimantal study of Two-Nucleon Short Range Correlations (2N-SRC) in nuclei.
  • Phynomenological study of the implications of SRCs on DIS stducture of bound nucleons (EMC Effect) and exraction of the free neutron structure function, neutrino-nucleus interactions, symmetry energy and neutron stars structure, contact interactions in storngly interacting Fermi-systems, Energy sharing in imbalanced strongly interacting Fermi systems, and more.
  • Development and construction of large scale fast neutron detectors. (pictures)
  • Developement and costruction of a slow positron beam for Solid-State and material science reaserch. (pictures)