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March 12, 2013
Comet Pan-STARRS seen in Newport News. Virginia, USA More...

This site was created in order to give you some information on my curriculum vitae, hobbies, scientific activities, and publications.

I plan to maintain this site in english though you are welcome to communicate with me also in russian, italian and french.


I was born in Protvino, Russia. My nationality is Russian.

I studied physics at Moscow State University. After completing my studies in 1997 I became a Ph.D. student at Institute for High Energy Physics and obtained a Ph.D. degree in 2000.
Since 2001 until 2009 I was a Post.Doc. at Turin University and I am a member of Spin Physics Group. October 2009 - August 2015 I was a Staff Scientist at Jefferson Lab Theory Center, Newport News, VA, USA
Since August 2015 I am an Assistant Professor of Physics at Penn State Berks

My main professional interest is theory and penomenology of nuclear physics, in particular

  • Hadron structure. Precise knowledge of hadron structure is needed for our refined understanding of QCD. Electron hadron scattering provides experimental exploration of hadron structure. JLab 12 is one of the main facilities for both present and future experimental studies.
  • Spin physics. Polarization and spin degrees of freedom allow us to investigate a wide range of phenomena including multi-parton quantum mechanical correlations in the hadron wave function and various correlations of motion and position of partons with the hadron spin. Spin physics is one of the main subjects of experimental research at JLab 12 and Electron Ion Collider.
  • Transverse Momentum Dependent distributions (TMDs). Correlations of transverse parton motion of bound quark and gluons can be characterized by TMDs. They allow us to access the so-called three dimensional hadron structure still poorly known both experimentally and theoretically. Future facilities such as JLab 12 and Electron Ion Collider have unique capabilities to investigate such 3D distributions.
  • Regge physics. Analitycity and causality of S-matrix allow us to study scattering processes with help of exchange of families of Regge trajectories. Asymptotic Regge tragectories corresponding to bound gluon states or glueballs can be studied by elastic scattering at Large Hadron Collider.

    My hobbies are geocaching, taekwondo, mountaneering, skiing, and dancing.