Robert W. Michaels

       Staff Scientist
       Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
       12000 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23606 USA
       phone (757) 269 7410
       e-mail: rom@jlab.org
       Curriculum Vitae

Recent Efforts
Invited  talk (PDF)  about PREX/CREX at  NuSym2018  Symposium.   ;   same, ppt
Update on PREX/CREX (PDF) (same, ppt) for the Hall A Meeting on Jan 24-25, 2018
Parity DAQ update (PDF) (same, ppt) for the PREX/CREX meeting and my summary (PDF) (same, ppt) for Hall A weekly meeting.
Presentation about PREX/CREX   at nuEclipse 2017   ;   same, ppt
other activity
Dec 7, 2018

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