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General Public Outreach - Traveling Telescopes

The proposed Traveling Telescopes Project has generated great anticipation and excitement in this community. Most citizens have never looked through an astronomical telescope or even knowingly observed planets with the naked eye and watched their motions among the stars. The Traveling Telescope Project will give the public the opportunity to telescopically observe the planets, the lunar topography, the sun’s surface and common deep sky objects. The telescopes will be carried to off-campus locations such as malls, housing projects, churches and synagogues, schools, military bases and community centers.

These first-hand experiences for the public will enhance their inherent interest in astronomical phenomena and stimulate a desire to learn more about the wonders and beauty of space science. Observers will view selected bright objects directly through the telescopes. CCD cameras will be used to image deep sky objects by eliminating light pollution effects. Many people can also view the CCD images at the same time, while others can form a queue at other telescopes for direct observation. Through the Traveling Telescope Project, the public can expand its awareness of the cosmos by telescopically observing the realms of the planets, stars and nebulae in a non-threatening, informal setting. Set up the telescopes, and they will come.

More information will follow as programs become initiated.

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