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Hall C Howto and Reference Documents.

In Dec 2001, I attended NUINT01, "The First International Workshop on Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions in the Few GeV Region." I submitted two papers to the proceedings to that workshop. I also attended NUINT02, the slides from my talk are available. Material related to the MINERvA experiment can be found here.

Some G0 notes

Some GEN01 notes

New and Improved CODA Event IO routine

Controls and Linux using PC/104 form factor computers.

Xsqlmenu 2.10: a graphical client to manipulate MySQL and mSQL databases.

Some fun talks I have given:

Current draft of the updated E97-106 proposal.

Some really out of date stuff

The Hall C analyzer can be run under Linux:

Linux resources at CEBAF (only CEBAF access allowed.) For more information on linux, see the Linux Documentation Project home page.

Dialing into JLAB from RedHat 5.2 Linux

Using the Wireless network at JLAB

The JLAB Cult of XFCE (A good, but not ridiculously fancy Window Manager/Desktop Environment)

The slides from my presentation at the Jlab Linux Users Group Meeting, Friday, November 19, 1999

Links and Personal Stuff

Electron-Nucleon Scattering in the Resonance Region

LeCroy Manuals

I play violin in the York River Symphony Orchestra and viola in the CNU University Orchestra.

I am an NCSE Steve!

My personal web page

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