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Xsqlmenu: GUI client for MySQL and mSQL

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Xsqlmenu is a graphical client for the Mini SQL (mSQL) database. Xsqlmenu, written by Kees Lemmens, makes it very easy to modify the contents of mSQL databases. However, many people prefer MySQL, both because of its capabilities and because it has a freeer (now GPL) license. There are many graphical clients for MySQL, however, none of them seem to meet the seemingly obvious need of being able to edit the contents of MySQL tables in a straightforward manner. Maybe I am just missing something, but even if some of these clients can edit tables, they are not nearly as intuitive as Xsqlmenu.

I have long wanted to port Xsqlmenu to work with MySQL instead of mSQL. When I finally tried it, the port turned out to be much easier than I expected. MySQL comes with a utility called "msql2mysql" which converts C code designed to attach to mSQL into code that works with MySQL. It is not perfect, but with a little extra work Xsqlmenu was converted to work with MySQL.

To build xsqlmenu for MySQL, download this new version:

You also need to have XForms and MySQL installed. If you are using Redhat 6.0 or greater, installing the following rpm's should be sufficient.
After installing xforms and MySQL, build xsqlmenu for MySQL with
         tar -zxf xsqlmenu-2.10.tar.gz
	 cd xsqlmenu-2.10
	 make DB=mysql
The xsqlmenu binary will be the file xsqlmenu.

Pre-built binaries for both MySQL and mSQL are available:

xsqlmenu-mysql: xsqlmenu built for MySQL.

xsqlmenu-msql: xsqlmenu built for mSQL.

This new version will probably also work on SunOS and HP-UX, but the makefiles for those systems have not been updated for MySQL.

Xsqlmenu and other software by Kees Lemmens is also available at

Xsqlmenu is licensed under terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Last update 1 September 2000