Jefferson Lab Hall C
Cryogenic Target System

Target Systems:

          QWeak Target

Standard Pivot Targets

Older Experiments:

Qweak Target (May, 2010)
Qweak   Hall C   JLab


Standard Pivot Targets (Spring-07)



The G0 Target

Experts : who to call in an emergency
Target Training Slides All the slides we use in the target training course.

Logger/Archiver: Link to the EPICS archiver of the target data logger
G0 Logbook   and the Backangle ELOG
G0 Target Preliminary Design Document
G0 Target Manuals Other G0 Target Documentation
Current Limits (Operational Restrictions) on the G0 Targets
Warmup/Cooldown procedure (for experts)  and an ESR Simplified Flow Sheet
Target Problems and FAQ and useful logbook entries
Target Beam Studies , etc. ala Silviu
Other Useful Links (JLab links)
Some cell dimensions for Louis
Some window thickness measurements
Wiring Notes
Backangle Target Thicknesses, Encoder Values, etc.
Gas Flow/Plumbing Diagram of G0 Backward in Hall C
Backangle Layout/Dimensions of target in SMS (note: we think the target is 17mm further upstream than indicated in this drawing)
Backangle Target Alignment, Survey, & Position Calibration document
Dummy Frame Drawings one and two